About Us

Fernex aspires to be a leading sleeping solutions provider in Malaysia. Founded in 2005, Fernex has began its operations as an exporter of compressed memory foam mattresses under its own brand name, VISCO-PROTM. In 2010, Fernex has established a moulded pillow facility in China and started to produce, market and export its collection of pillows under its brand name, AIR VISCOTM.

Today, Fernex supplies its proprietary mattresses and pillow products to main retailers globally, exporting them to more than 40 nations worldwide namely, Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and South America.

Our Key Strengths:

Quality Material:
We use breathable and super density foam material which eliminates heat, improves durability and enhance comfort for our products.

Contemporary Design:
We create stylish and modern products designed by our own in-house designers.

High Standard Workmanship:
We are meticulous with the quality of workmanship for our products.

Quality Assurance:
Our products were tested and certified by TUV SUD to demonstrate a high commitment towards quality assurance to our clients.

Cost Effective:
We are cost effective as we are hands-on in every stage of developing our products in our facilities in Malaysia and China.

Tech Ambient

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