Sensation Finfst Down

After numerous washes and double sterilization, the selection of softest and most impalpable cluster down takes place. It is then sucked through pipes and put in special storage containers, it will no longer come in contact with open air or human beings, there after it will directly pass into the cover for the greatest quality and the ultimate hygiene.

Sensation 3D Spacer

3D-spacer fabric - a kind of strong compression & elasticity knitting textile. Its upper and lower sides meshes (holes), and the middle hollow structure made of polyester, give it the outstanding support force, ventilation and washable functions.

Sensation Air Visco

The perforated core memory foam air vents significantly increase the air flow for an excellent climactic comfort.

SensationTM Hybrid Pillow

Deluxe Classic

Sensation Pillow

Deluxe Shoulder


Sensation Pillow

SensationTM Luxurious Duvets

Sensation Duvet

Summer Duvet | Autumn Duvet | Winter Duvet

This three separate duvets, summer, autumn and winter are options for every season.

Sensation Duvet

All Season Duvet

Enjoy the sensation of being warm or cool, a light summer duvet and a slightly warmer spring and autumn duvet. Each of the two duvets can be used separately or together depending on the season. When they are fastened together the result is “snuggle - down” feeling duvet for those winter nights.

SensationTM Topper

Sensation Topper

Excess Heat Dissipation

Sensation Topper
Sensation Topper

50mm AIR VISCOTM memory foam, special channel airflow system

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